Something to Read: The Buffalo Storm

This treasure was displayed on the shelf near the checkout at our local librarybuffstorm a couple of weeks ago, and as we all love a good Pioneer Girl story, we picked it up on a whim on our way out the door.  I’m so glad we did!

Written by Newberry Award-winner Katherine Applegate, The Buffalo Storm beautifully illustrates the story of young Hallie, who must leave her beloved grandmother behind and go west with her family to Oregon.  It is written in free verse and is poetic and beautiful and full of adventure and heart.

“We joined other wagons,
like beads slowly stringing.
Papa let me drive the team, though some said
I was too young and green, and a girl, to boot.”

The Buffalo Storm is beautifully written with a message of strength and resilience and finding home.  The lovely artwork suggests the vastness of the setting.  We’ll read it again and again.  We hope you will, too.

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