Talent Show!

This week I attended a church group talent show featuring five girls between the ages of 8 and 11.  It was a wonderful hour celebrating their talents and hard work over the last year.  One girl performed a piano solo and then a duet with her mother, and another girl displayed a beautiful painting she had made.  We enjoyed a fun fairy tale story written and read by another girl. My Pioneer Girl and her friend sang and danced along to one of their favorite songs — with Miss Pickle rapping the good parts, too.

The girls’ teacher opened the evening with a story about talents from The Friend magazine.  You should click over and read it, but it’s about Lacy, a little girl on her way home from a talent show much like the one we were watching, and how she felt less talented than those who danced and sang and had a “family band.”  But with her mother’s encouragement, over the course of the next week Lacy realized that she had a special talent for welcoming and comforting the foster children who came to stay with her family.

Brittany knelt by her bed. It amazed Lacy how easily all her sisters and brothers learned to pray. With a little prompting, Brittany began. “Dear Hebenly Father, please bless Lacy. She loves me. Amen.”

Tears stung Lacy’s eyes. A million thoughts flashed through her mind. She knew a little about each of the children who had joined her family before they came. All of them had suffered more than Lacy could imagine. Each had brought her or his own special spirit into her family, and Lacy loved them all. She enjoyed helping to care for them. She read to them and played games with them. She helped them to dress and did their hair. Most of all, she tried to help them to be happy, to feel safe, and to know that Heavenly Father loved them.

Lacy hugged Brittany as she tucked her in. “I really do love you, Brittany. You’re a wonderful sister.”

I loved this story because Lacy took some time to find a talent that God had given her, and she really thought about what she was good at.  And I love that the talent that she found was caring for children who needed her in a tough moment.

Pioneer Girls look for ways they can bless the lives of those around them, just like Lacy did.  They search for their personal talents and develop them through dedication and practice, and use them to make the world a better place for themselves, their families, and everyone around them.

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