Welcome to BeAPioneerGirl.com, the online home of the Pioneer Girls books and our Pioneer Girl community.

We hope to use this site to share great stories that will inspire you to be a Pioneer Girl in your own way, in your own home, community, ward, country, or even the world.

We also want to hear from you! If you know a Pioneer Girl who is making a difference, please send us her story. We want to feature stories of girls who change the world, for themselves or for everyone.

You can submit a written story to be published here, or tell us about someone who has made a difference to you and we’ll help write the story. Send us links to articles or books that you’ve read that you think other girls can learn from. Tell us stories of strong girls and women from your own family history. Help us #ShareGoodness and connect with other girls around the world.

Thank you for becoming a part of our community today. We hope you’ll come back often and share your stories and experiences with us.

Pioneers pave the way – how will you be a Pioneer today?

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